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Garrett Ozar Chapter 19 April 7, 2008 1. An employee can be distinguished from an independent contractor by determining whether or not the person doing the work is doing it for you, or doing it on a non- payment by the hour job. If the person is doing the work directly for you (with your direct orders and calculations) and does not do the same work for another, than they are considered an employee or a common employee. If the person is doing a job for you that is essentially under your order but in their direction, under a pre-determined hourly wage for a pre-determined amount of hours to (hopefully) complete the job, than they are considered an independent contractor. Other differences between an independent contractor and an employee are that employers are held accountable for filing employment taxes on their current employees, while if they hire an independent contractor than they do not have to file the work done via the independent contractor under employment taxes. The person who hires the
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