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Garrett Ozar Chapter 9: Contract Formation 1. Living in five different states, attending three different colleges and playing collegiate and semi-professional baseball in the past four years, I have dealt with many different forms of contracts. Over the past summer, I played baseball in Minnesota for the Alexandria Beetles in the Northwoods League. The first thing I had to do was sign a contract. The contract stated that: I was not allowed to play for any other team during the duration of the contract. I could not receive any financial gains that did not include per diem for three meals a day, transportation, equipment, and team activities. If I were to injure myself in a non-baseball related activity my contract would be terminated and I would need to find my own means of transportation home. If the injury was incurred during a baseball related activity than the league’s medical insurance would take care of all costs. Any use of
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Unformatted text preview: street drugs, misuse of prescription drugs, or steroids would void the contract and possibly my NCAA eligibility. The contract also contained information about the team, where the team travels, the transportation and lodging information, and the team’s contact information. The contract concluded with a line for me and a witness to sign, along with the date of actual signature. Three copies of the contract were created: one for me, one for the team and one for the league. Other important contracts that I have had to sign are scholarship contracts, NCAA athletic drug policy, cellular phone contracts, cable contracts, electric contracts, rental agreements, and other team contracts. Each of my athletic contracts were voidable based on my personal mal performance or breech of any of the terms on the contract....
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