OzarEthics - Garrett Ozar Chapter 4: Ethics. 1.At this time...

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Garrett Ozar Chapter 4: Ethics. 1.At this time in my life, I feel that I have a fairly clear code of ethics and ethical philosophy that I pursue in my everyday endeavors. The main factors that have influenced my views on my personal ethical standards definitely include my parents and older brother. While growing up in my parent’s house, I had clear rules that I had to abide by, otherwise I would be reprimanded. The “golden rule” was: treat others as you would like to be treated. This rule can essentially sum up whether or not a particular action is ethical or not. If you put yourself in the shoes of the party whom you may be affecting then you should be able to decipher the more ethical stance. Another factor that influences my view on ethics is my spiritual beliefs. My spiritual beliefs help me as a guide for a better personal understanding on how one should react to certain scenarios to ultimately make the best possible decision from an ethical standpoint. Finally, the third large factor that shapes my view on ethics is one of a utilitarian standpoint. I have learned in my past that it is very important to take into consideration what is best for the overall good of mankind. The book states how managers need to not only set and apply ethical standards among their workforce, but to commit to them themselves as well. This same concept is something that I was fortunate to view first hand growing up. Both my parents and my older brother all showed exceptional ethical behavior for me and my younger sister to mimic. What they also taught me is that in some circumstances, there is no “right” answer. In these cases, you must understand the concept of trade-offs. Sometimes the only place where you can find the answer is from within (without trying to sound too cliché). The book also goes into depth about fiduciary duty, which again is very important to me. Fiduciary duty
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OzarEthics - Garrett Ozar Chapter 4: Ethics. 1.At this time...

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