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article reaction - is to supply automobiles that meet the...

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Garrett Ozar Article Critique Professor Hull March 28, 2008 The article, “BMW’s Dream Factory,” written by Gail Edmondson breaks down the ingredients to BMW’s successful management tactics that ultimately make them a successful company. In the article, BMW’s supply chain management is targeted as one of the major reasons they have surpassed their competition for the last fifteen years. The company is known to include all the voices of its employees when it comes to design and business process reengineering. Because of BMW’s extreme efficiency, expanding work force, attention to detail, and for their customer care, Harvard Business School does numerous case studies on the foreign automobile company, rather than the American automobile tycoons who seem to lack in the department of efficiency . Another step that BMW takes is to genuinely care for its employees. They offer high salaries and listen to each and every employee. Another task that BMW attempts to tackle each and every year
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Unformatted text preview: is to supply automobiles that meet the consumers demand in the market place. Although they do fail to meet the markets demand at times, they always seem to continue innovating new projects to win over customers hearts again. My reaction to this article was that the author seemed to be a bit biased towards BMW; however, the article on a whole was very informative on how a successful company is supposed to be run. My initial feeling to reading this article is that it made me want to work for BMW because of their efficiency and their policy to listen to all employees which maximizes innovation potential. They really understand the concept of building quality custom cars that seem to surpass todays technology along with other automobiles. Title of article: BMWs Dream Factory Author: Gail Edmondson Source: Business Week Date: October 16, 2007...
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article reaction - is to supply automobiles that meet the...

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