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Garrett Ozar Intro to Management Dennis Hull April 14, 2008 Chapter 17 Case Study 1. The bases of power used by the leaders in the article consist of: managing time and energy (to produce more with less), motivating employees to stay happy end energized to maximize production, leading with the intent to inspire and satisfy your employees and stakeholders. 2. The best example of job-centered leader behavior is Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. Schultz gets an update on the previous day’s sales every morning and reads three newspapers everyday. Schultz also “visits at least 25 stores each week.” The best example of employee-centered leader behavior is Bill Gates of Microsoft who understands the importance of his intelligent employees, whom he claims are the reason that the company is still running. He attempts to satisfy his
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Unformatted text preview: employees by motivating them and keeping them productive. 3. The leaders in this case all have charismatic leadership qualities. In order to achieve the status of a CEO for a Fortune 500 company you have to be a charismatic leader. Performing the balancing act between work, sleep, relaxation, and spending time their family, these CEOs have perfected the notion of time management. According to the case, most top corporate leaders work 80 to 100 hours weekly. Another trait that is an ingredient in being a charismatic leader is the ability to look back at past sales, peer at present sales, and eyeball future sales by staying informed via reading newspapers, checking sales forecasts, looking at investment data all on an hourly basis....
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