hw 4 - Volkswagen advertising campaign are the profit...

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Garrett Ozar Professor Russell HW #4: Case D-19 November 12, 2007 Case D-19 Volkswagen: The Drivers Wanted Campaign 1. The primary promotional objectives for Volkswagen at the beginning of the Drivers Wanted campaign was to research what type of driver buys a Volkswagen, and then to inform their target market that Volkswagen offers the car that they are going to want to drive a little faster, take around curves, and give them personality; while remaining affordable. Their current promotional objectives are to show off the individuality and uniqueness of their automobiles by having commercials that include unique shapes and bold music. I believe that the promotional objectives will alter over time, promoting their Jettas to teens and their parents (to buy for them), their more luxurious models to young adults in the work force by promoting the automobile as sensible and business acceptable, while also appealing to the customers’ individuality. 2. I believe that the most valid measures for assessing the success of the
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Unformatted text preview: Volkswagen advertising campaign are the profit figures, the brand’s image, and the change in sales volume. I believe that these are the key things to look at because it can show if your advertising campaign is reaching out to your target market by either convincing them to purchase a Volkswagen or at least persuade them to noticing your companies efforts and attributes so that they may purchase a VW in the future; and at the same time it reveals if the cost of the campaign was cost efficient. 3. Volkswagen uses a pull strategy in order to create a demand for their automobiles in order to sell units at a non-discounted price. If they used a push strategy they would most likely have dealers attempting to sell more by lowering the sales price below the M.S.R.P; however, they may have to result to a push strategy in the future if their sales volume continues to decrease....
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hw 4 - Volkswagen advertising campaign are the profit...

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