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midterm - Bush to continue pushing democracy on a county...

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FOR: IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Danielle Loser [email protected] (717) 877-4478 I Want YOU – for Peace Now! Advocacy Group Peace Now! to Hold Anti-War Rally at White House PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 28, 2008. – Peace Now! needs your help. On April 10, 2008 Peace Now! will hold an anti-war rally at the White House in Washington D.C. Attending the rally will be influential politicians who oppose the war, as well as, family members of soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq. The rally will begin at 10 am and will continue on throughout the day until 10 pm when there will be a small firework show. “The war in Iraq began a little over five years ago, we have not found any weapons of mass destruction, and we have not made the progress anticipated, there is no need for President
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Unformatted text preview: Bush to continue pushing democracy on a county that is not willing to accept, said Peace Now! president Helene Shesright. We will be holding this rally to show Bush that what he is doing is wrong, we, as a democratic country, cannot be expected to sit around and believe everything Bush tells us. At the rally there will be signs to hold, stickers handed out, as well as t-shirts and other items for sale. There will also be refreshments available for free, and all types of food catered in that can be purchased. Also, a bake sale will be held with all the proceeds going to...
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