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HST 102 Study Guide for Exam Three May 10, 2007 1:30-3:30 1. Please read this study guide carefully. Bring any questions you have about the exam to class with you to the optional study session, or post to the Angel message board. 2. The exam will cover material from your textbook, lectures, videos and discussions covered between April 10 and May 3. You do not need to do any “outside” reading or research. It is in your best interest to use your textbook and class notes as your primary study source. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA TO STUDY FOR THIS EXAM. 3. You may bring one 81/2” X11” sheet of notes. You can use both sides. You must turn your notes in with your exam. Other than your page of notes and a pen, you should not have anything with you at your desk during the exam. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA TO CREATE YOUR NOTE SHEET FOR THIS EXAM. 4. The first part of the exam, worth up to 39 points, will consist of 13, 3-part fill-in the-blank questions, based on the terms listed as possible ID items. You can earn up to 9 points of EXTRA-CREDIT by answering all
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