JFK-NixonDebate.NYT - Nixon And Kennedy Clash in TV Debate...

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Nixon And Kennedy Clash in TV Debate on Spending, Farms and Social Issues Exchange is Calm Sharp Retorts Are Few as Candidates Meet Face to Face Nixon and Kennedy Divided in Debate Chicago, Sept. 26--Vice President Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy argued genteelly tonight in history's first nationally televised debate between Presidential candidates. The two men, confronting each other in a Chicago television studio, centered their argument on which candidate and which party offered the nation the best means for spurring United States growth in an era of international peril. The candidates without ever generating any real heat in their exchanges, clashed on the following points: Mr. Nixon's farm program, which Senator Kennedy said was merely another version of policies that had been tried and had failed under Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture. The Republican and Democratic performance records on efforts to increase the minimum wage of $1 an hour and broaden its coverage, school construction legislation and medical care for the aged. Mr. Kennedy charged that the Republican record on these measures showed the party gave only "lip service" to them. The comparative records of the Truman and Eisenhower Administrations on fiscal security. Mr. Nixon asserted that in school and hospital construction the Republican years had seen an improvement over the previous seven Democratic years. Moreover, he said, wages had risen "five times as much" in the Eisenhower Administration as during the Truman Administration, while the rise in prices has been only one-fifth of that in the Truman years. In one of the sharper exchanges of the hour-long encounter, Mr. Nixon charged that the Democratic domestic program advanced by Senator Kennedy would cost the taxpayer from $13,200,000,000 to $18,000,000,000. This meant, Mr. Nixon contended, that "either he will have to raise taxes or you have to unbalance the budget." Unbalancing the budget, he went on, would mean another period of inflation and a consequent "blow" to the country's aged living on pension income. "That," declared Senator Kennedy, in one of the evening's few shows of
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JFK-NixonDebate.NYT - Nixon And Kennedy Clash in TV Debate...

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