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Energy Use - After completing the assignment on personal...

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After completing the assignment on personal energy use, I have a new appreciation and understanding of how much energy everyday products actually consume. In an age full of technology, people see electricity use as a social norm. I think sometimes people forget what exactly allows their television to turn on with the push of a button or what enables us to surf the web, while we talk on our phone, and listen to our IPod all at the same time. The actual amount of wattage it takes to make these luxuries possible is something we prefer not to think about and often take for granted. When I had completed my log of all the energy I consumed in a one week period, I was surprised to see I used a lot less electricity than I predicted. Had I run this same week long experiment at my actual home, the results may have slightly differed. Many of the products on the list were things I do not use on a day to day basis or do not have at college with me. However I did have large amounts of electricity use
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