202w assignment 07 - 202W Assignment 7 Due Monday, March 3,...

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Unformatted text preview: 202W Assignment 7 Due Monday, March 3, 2008 6pm Papers (Group 3): Submit your paper to turnitin.com by 6pm on the due date. Chris Delaney Jeffrey Wulff Dana Vetter Joel Sticha Clare Slavin Derek Deckert Kyle Bahe Topic : Choose an article from one of the three most recent ACM TechNews digests ( http://www.acm.org/technews ). Describe the main idea of the article and discuss the broader context. Why is this news? Are there contributing factors? The article (including link details and other reference information) should be included in your bibliography. Since this is a news digest, you should also find primary sources of information about your topic, i.e., you should include more than one reference in your bibliography and they should be different (not the same article published in two places). Fiction Option : One of your four papers needs to be an examination of themes (or a theme) related to this class in a work of fiction. The work of fiction can be one of the films shown for the class, a novel from the approved reading list (see course Content page) or a work of your choice that I have PRE-APPROVED via email. The writing requirements specified in the paper guidelines remain the same. You should use secondary sources (i.e., other academic works, histories or reviews) in your preparation for this essay. Your paper is an essay, so it needs a thesis statement; it should not be just a list of facts. Cite at least three references using APA style, and at least two of those references must be from somewhere besides the course textbook. All references must be standard citable references from reputable sources, such as printed magazines, journals, and newspapers. Wikipedia, blogs, and other non-attributable and non-edited sources are great for background reading (especially as you develop your thesis), but will not count as references....
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202w assignment 07 - 202W Assignment 7 Due Monday, March 3,...

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