physics cheat sheet (1)

physics cheat sheet (1) - EQUATIONS(acceleration free V =...

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EQUATIONS (acceleration, free fall)  Displacement:   (velocity described both  the speed and direction of an obj) V= displace/ time intervalo Uniform Motion:  Xf = xi + v t Motion with constant velocity Magnitude of #s    400/6 = 67x bigger Unit conversions: 1 inch= 2.54 cm          1 m = 39.37 in 1 ft = 0.305 m             2 km = 0.621 mi 1 mi = 1.609 km         1 m/s =2.24 mph  1 mph = 0.447 m/s    1 hr = 3600s M =      m = k =       µ =  c =      n =  ___________________________________ _______ scalar = distance (magnitude; vector =  displacement (magnitude plus direction) acceleration: rate of change of velocity     (slope of vel-vs-time graph) Average accel. =    Acceleration is always negative EQUATIONS: PROJECTILE MOTION Horizontal:                   ) Vertical     14km/h. how far from finish line is the slower  runner when faster runner finishes? V = d/t   t=d/v   8/14 = 0.571hr (r1) Runner 2 = 11km/hr(0.571hr) = 6.29km 8-6.29=1.71km Car accel. @ 3m/s² for 10s. Vi = 10m/s. how fast  car going after 10s? Vf=vi+at  vf=10+3(10) = 40m/s How far has it traveled? ∆x=vi(t)+.5at²  10(10)+.5(3(10)² = 250m How fast is car going after 500m? vf²=10²+2(3)(500)=3100m²/s²; Vf=56m/s ball thrown up, vi=10m/s. what is max. height  ball reaches? vf²=vi²+2a∆y 0²=(10)²+2(-9.8)∆y=5.1m How long does it take to reach this height? 0m/s=10m/s-9.8m/s²(t)=(0-10)/-9.8=1s Stone dropped, g=10m/s², hits bottom after 3s,  depth of wall is: ∆y=vit+1/2at²      =0(3)+1/2(-10)(3)²      =0+1/2(-90) = -45m Rock thrown upward from 50m w/ Vi=20m/s. 5s 
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course PHYSICS 131 taught by Professor Hatch during the Fall '07 term at UMass (Amherst).

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physics cheat sheet (1) - EQUATIONS(acceleration free V =...

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