Appalachians (Smokies, Shenandoah) - Geosc 10 Tuesday,...

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Geosc 10 Tuesday, February 23rd, 1999 Announcements: Second writing assignment due Thursday. Turn in two copies and follow the original guidelines. Lecture notes: I. Preview and review A. Appalachians (Smokies, Shenandoah) B. C ompressional vs. collisional (tectonic environment) 1. Natural consequence of subduction (ocean removal) C. Thrust faults 1. Less than or equal to 200 km transport 2. Weak link lubricant (shale, limestone, or something with a lot of graphite) 3. The result is that it thickens the crust (thickest crust is where mountain building is at its peak) 4. Advection of heat D. Rocks 1. Soils, topography (how resistant to erosion) 2. Silica (biologically inert) 3. Decreasing order of fertility a. Limestone (best) b. Basalt c. Granite d. Mud stone (worst) 4. Particularly good a. Ca (Calcium) b. Mg (Magnesium) c. K (Potassium) d. P (Phosphorus) II. Rocky Mountains A. Formed by compressional tectonism (large scale processes happening as a result of land masses pushing together
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Appalachians (Smokies, Shenandoah) - Geosc 10 Tuesday,...

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