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John Locke: Empiricism (we know b/c of experience), Tabula Rasa (born w/ blank slate) Jean Rousseau: Innate Goodness (bad experience path of darkness) early exp most imp!!! Darwin: first systematic studies of child development Preyer: Embryology (first organs form from undifferentiated tissue), first textbook Mind of the Child late 1800’s G Stanley Hall, Clark University (many of his finding wrong) established developmental psych, promoted genetic basis of development, Onotogeny recapitulates phylogeny (develop over lifetime repeats among entire species) 100 trillions cells- nucleus 46 chromos – chromosome – dna – genes about 21,000 human genes junk DNA (inactive and degraded genes, microgenes that produce RNA, etc) genes turn on and off during development (RNAi interface RNA example of control of gene expression. ***99% gene similarity to chimps, 99.9% between humans Down Syndrome (Extra chrom #21) short, abnormal heart (cardio problems), (smaller brain) malformed brain (retarded often) Turners (X_) female body type, mental retard, almost no sense 3d/almost incapable of learn
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