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Gillette vs. Schick Survey Results Our marketing research team did a comparative analysis of men’s razors by illustrating the components and attributes of the Gillette and Schick brands. The objective of this survey was to gain insight on which brand was preferred by men. We distributed thirty (30) surveys that consisted of the participants ranking their opinion of five pre-chosen attributes of both Schick and Gillette razors. The five attributes consisted of: Price, Number of Blades, Smoothness of Shave, Blade Sharpness, and type of razor (disposables or non-disposable). The importance of each attribute was divided up out of a hundred points; ranking the most important attribute with the highest percentage. Attached in Appendix 1 is a sample of the survey used. The results from the survey show that the most important attributes that would be the ideal razor for consumers are smoothness of the shave is the most important with a sum of 188 and an average of 6, next is the blades sharpness with a sum total of 179 and an average of 6, the third most important attribute is the number of blades with a sum of 171 and an average of 6. The fourth important attribute is the type of razor with a sum of 151 and an average of 5, the least important attribute for the ideal razor is the price with a sum of 106 and an average of 3.53. Our survey showed that the average male age that was surveyed was 21.4 and that consumer started shaving at 15.6 years old. The average amount that a consumer shaves is 3.1 times a week. Of the consumers surveyed 67% said that they prefer a manual razor over an electric razor, 80% percent also said that manual gives them a smother shave and 30% said that electric was smoother, and 63.3% of surveyed consumers prefer Gillette razors to Schick razors.
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