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radio package 2 - TAPE In cue “I’m so excited” Out...

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End of the Writer’s Strike TRT: 60 Ragan Mueller March 3, 2008 The television world can now breathe a sigh of relief. The Writers Guild of America’s strike has come to an end. The members of the WGA agreed upon a new three year contract. The strike which began November 5 th resulted in a surprise production hiatus of all major television shows for one hundred days. Not only were the actors and crews of the television shows out of work, but the millions of television fans at home had to endure months without new episodes of their favorite shows. Cassie Tindell, a primetime television connoisseur, says
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Unformatted text preview: TAPE In cue: “I’m so excited” Out cue: “return of my shows” Time: 16 Tindell According to E! Entertainment News Channel, the strike ended up costing the local economy 2.5 billion dollars. Now that the strike is over production of most shows will begin immediately in order to salvage what is left of this year’s television season. Though most shows will air a handful of new episodes this season there are some shows that will not be returning until the fall. Thank for tuning in I’m Ragan Mueller for Rebel Radio News....
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