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Test 3 Key004 - standard devaatio-J(ml A company haw that...

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Unformatted text preview: standard devaatio-J . (ml. A company haw . : that the average - - el is greater than wha alue? Hint: This is an invNorm problem. (I) Give the drawing. (2) Give the TI—83 command a nd 'c answer. (3) Interpret your results in a sentence @mmom (30, an , arr/r32) I a-Glgvairr 2,3 to the problem. J0 24. The Centers for Disease Control report a survey of randomly selected Americans age 65 or older, which found that 41 l of I012 men and 535 of 1062 women suffered from some form of arthritis. You may assume all conditions are met. You do not even need to list them. (1) Compute the 95% confidence interval and interpret your answer. Pig (2) Include in your interpretation: who is higher? How much higher? 5 i A ._ SK pm“ 2 4\ 101?. mam;- flow. Grbwf 1. Smog; ’2.— . , mien/a1 .. 6rAT T EST R‘s/Em? 3 $70 (-—.\Lioe)—-.os€ .3 We E]. How it her? (p70 +0 1.4% ...
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