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Taste Test Example 2

Taste Test Example 2 - 90 confidence that students...

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1 To: Ms. Hardy From: Susie Example—9:30 a.m. Class Elementary Statistics Date: March 20, 2008 Re: Popcorn Taste Test The results of whether KSU students preferred the snack-size or regular-size microwaveable bags of Pop Secret Home Style popcorn are included in this email. Even though we surmised that the popcorn used in both size bags would be the same, we wondered if the modifications in cooking times due to size may have caused the popcorn to taste differently. The detailed analysis is in the appendix accompanying this document. The summary of the conclusions follows. The hypothesis test could not prove that any preference existed. In fact the probability of getting this sample result when there was no preference at all was almost 100% chance. Thus, what I observed was extremely likely when no preference existed at all. As a result, I could not prove at
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Unformatted text preview: 90% confidence that students preferred the popcorn from one of the size bags to the other. This conclusion was confirmed by the fact that the “no preference” proportion of 50%, was one of the possible values of the 90% confidence interval for the true proportion of students who preferred the snack-size bags. The confidence interval conveys that we can be 90% confident that the true proportion of students who prefer the popcorn in the snack-size bag is between 36% and 64%. The margin of error for the confidence interval is 14%. If you desire a 3% margin of error, you would need to redo the experiment and increase the sample size from the existing 36 people to 900 people....
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