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Apparent vs absolute motion - apparent is motion relative to a specified or implied reference point which may itself be in motion - absolute - viewing a specified object from a fixed point in the universe - impossible Celestial sphere – an imaginary sphere of infinite radius concentric with the earth, on which all celestial bodies except the earth are imagined to be projected Astronomical distance – the mean distance between the earth and the sun (92,960,000 mi) Light year – unit of length equal to the distance light travels in one year (5.88x10^12) Heliocentric parallax – the difference in the apparent direction or positions of a celestial body outside the solar system, as observed from the earth and sun Rotation vs. revolution - rotation is the turning of a body about an axis - revolution is the circular motion of a body about and axis usually external to the body – motion in an orbit Space motion – motion if a celestial body through space Synodic rotation or apparent solar day – interval of time between any planetary configuration of a celestial body with respect to the sun until that body is in the exact same location is it was prior Kepler’s Laws 1. orbits of the planets ellipses with the sun as a common focus 2. as a planet moves in its orbit, the line joining the planet and sun sweeps over equal areas in equal intervals of time 3. the squares of the periods of revolution of any two planets are proportional to the cubes of their mean distances from the sun Newton’s Laws – newton’s laws of motion Perihelion – that orbital point nearest the sun when the sun is the center of attraction Aphelion – that point farthest from the sun when the sun is the center of attraction Perigee – orbital period nearest the earth when the earth is the center of attraction
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Definitions for Packet 1 - Apparent vs absolute motion -...

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