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Unformatted text preview: Antarctica Notes Lecturer – Giancarlo Lopez-Martinez.1 Animals Krill – 80% decline since 1970s Due to decreased sea ice (2.5 degree C increase in temp) Bahia Paraiso – 600000 liters of diesel fuel and petroleum spill Same time as Exxon-Valdez Cormorants (duck) die (100% chicks and 85% decreases in nests) Good divers, preyed on by leopard seals Dominican Gull – only gull in southern ocean, steals eggs Storm petrels – follow whales Giant petrel – can fly over 1000 miles, fire a secretion of oil out of beak Snow Sheathbill ‘Antarctic Chicken’– egg stealer, no webbed feet Brown Skua – angry, fierce predators, dive bomb defense Arctic Tern – flies from pole to pole every year, carry ticks Adelie penguin – small, black and white, not even 2 feet tall, eat krill, build rock nest, predominant species of penguin Chinstrap penguin – second most abundant Gentoo Penguin – quieter, hop from rock to rock, prominent tail, colder penguin Southern elephant seal – shed skin in summer, females 10 feet and ton, males 20 feet 4 tons, dive...
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