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Lonnie Trump 2/23/08 FS 102 Erasing History The endeavor to free our country of all forms of prejudice has been a highly documented struggle that has taken many twists and turns in the last century. As society changes, so does our idea of what constitutes “politically correct” material. It has become extremely difficult and seemingly futile to try to appease every group present in our society. 21 st century American society is now seeing more representations of ideas and actions that once would have been deemed unacceptable. Does this mean that we have become more liberal or that we are less tolerant and therefore more willing to accept this questionable material? Another twist to this battle is the question of what to do with material that contains derogatory references but also contains historical value. Some say that this material should be removed, since it may offend a certain group of people. Others object to this removal, arguing that these words should remain intact since taking them out would ruin the original product. If we wish to preserve the historical value of these timeless works, we must be willing to look at this argument from a historical perspective, and realize that at the time, these words were not offensive to the viewing audience or the groups to which they referred. While it is important to realize that in this day and age certain words should never be said, this does not mean that we should change history for the sake of modern society. Political correctness, as it is now known, is a fairly new concept. To some, this politically leftist concept has only served to make our society more conscious of differences, rather than making everyone equal, as its followers originally set out to do. In the words of
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Marilyn Friedman, a professor of philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis, some believe that the proponents of this concept “have replaced the classical works of Western culture with third world, anti-western trash and have forsaken standards of truth, objectivity, and merit of any sort (Friedman 1).” The term “politically correct,” which has been shrouded in mystery from the very beginning, does not have a set definition and probably never will. Up until the 20 th century, one was free to use any word or phrase to describe a person of a different ethnicity, regardless of whether or not it was used in a pejorative sense. However, with waves of immigrants coming to the United States from all over the world, it is increasingly important to include everyone and make no one feel as if they are inferior. While our society is currently trying to battle against future prejudice, we are also trying
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fs ass. 3 - Lonnie Trump FS 102 Erasing History The...

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