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Lisa is very unresponsive to the teacher

Lisa is very unresponsive to the teacher - not shed light...

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1. Lisa is very unresponsive to the teacher. She throws many tantrums and doesn’t seem to understand what is people want her to do. She seems to be overstimulated by sensory information. She repeatedly arranges and rearranges a set of objects in the same manner. She displays limited imaginative or abstract play which is also very repetitive. 2. Dr. Loovas uses behavioral training, in particular operant conditioning, to treat Lisa. When she does what he commands her to do, he gives her a reward such as food or drink. By doing this, he reinforces the positive actions. 3. When Lisa displays an appropriate behavior, Dr. Loovas kisses her on the head or gives her something to eat or drink. Her inappropriate behaviors are dealt with by ignoring them. 4. Fading means that a behavior is no longer displayed due to a lack of reinforcement. 5. I believe that, in the case of autism, the most effective form of treatment does
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Unformatted text preview: not shed light on the cause of the disorder. Autism does not seem to be caused by reinforcement and modeling, which are the most common techniques in behavioral training. Autism cannot be helped and is most likely caused by genetic factors. 6. With continued treatment, Lisa will be able to thrive in other locations. She will be able to sit and follow other simple directions given by people other than Dr. Loovas. This would be impossible were not for the therapy. 7. If after this session, Lisa is no longer systematically reinforced for appropriate behavior, she will most likely be placed in a special program in school that is equipped to meet her needs. She may be integrated with non-autistic students who may help her to learn appropriate behaviors. If she is fortunate, she will be sent to a school that specializes in helping students with disorders of this sort....
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