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Chapter 10 Social Work Notes

Chapter 10 Social Work Notes - Chapter 10 Social Work Notes...

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Chapter 10 Social Work Notes History of “Race Relations In Canada” Aboriginals - Aboriginal children were placed in a Residential school system from 1840’s -1969. It’s intent was to obliterate and erase the Native culture and society by separating the children from their families and socializing them in the culture of the Canadian mainstream. The Indian Act of 1920 made it mandatory for every Aboriginal child to attend. About 100, 000 -150, 000 children attended residential schools. Chinese Canadians Between 1881 -1884, 15, 700 Chinese labaourers were brought over to from China to work on the Canadian Pacific Railway. To limit the number of Chinese people coming into Canada, they introduced the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, which was a head tax of $50 per Chinese immigrant entering Canada( the price raised to 500 in 1904 which is equivalent to a 2 year salary for a Chinese worker in Canada). Other laws which sought out to keep “undesirable” immigrants were passed such as the Immigration Act and the Chinese Exclusion Act. The head taxes were eventually eliminated in 1923.
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