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Bio 20B Midterm Review 1. Form and function A) Anatomy vs. Physiology B) Form and Function C) Surface Area to Volume Ratio - Exchange with environment D) Types of Tissue i. Epithelial – Cuboidal, columnar, squamous ii. Connective – Loose, adipose, fibrous, bone, blood, cartilage iii. Muscle – Skeletal, smooth, cardiac iv. Nervous – Neurons E) Organs and organ systems F) Bioenergetics – flow of energy through an organism G) Metabolism – total energy expenditure/unit time i. indirect calorimetry ii. direct calorimetry iii. calorie, kilocalorie H) Endothermic vs. exothermic – know life history implications I) Basal metabolic rate and standard metabolic rate J) Know factors that influence metabolic rate K) Homeostasis terms i. regulator ii. conformer iii. negative feedback loop iv. positive feedback loop v. receptor vi. control center vii. effector L) Thermoregulation i. poikilotherm ii. homeotherm M) Mechanisms of heat exchange i. conduction ii. convection iii. radiation iv. evaporation N) Thermoregulation i. non-shivering (brown fat) ii. shivering iii. insulation iv. thermal windows O) Countercurrent exchange i. Vasodilation ii. Vasoconstriction 2. Nutrition and digestion A) Types of animals i. Carnivore ii. Herbivore iii. Omnivore
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midtermStudyGuide(2) - Bio 20B Midterm Review 1 Form and...

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