Coyote - John DeLisle ENG 335 Coyote Coyote is the first of...

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John DeLisle ENG 335 Coyote Coyote is the first of a series of novels, written by Allen Steele, dedicated to “Interstellar Exploration”. Coyote was first published in sections inside Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine starting in 2001. This true pulp fiction novel of space travel to colonize an Earth-like planet is filled with political corruption and patriotism. With the United States no more, 13 states are now included in the United Republic of America controlled by the Liberty party. Political corruption runs wild throughout the new party. Steele gives an example while Lee is attending the President’s July 4 th party: “Last night a high-school teacher was publicly hanged in Houston. One of her former students claimed that she was using a satphone to transmit information to France; although the accused repeatedly protested her innocence during her trial, and the satphone was never found, the student was the son of a prominent Liberty Party official, and therefore his word was beyond question. The teacher’s execution was carried out a few hours after the trial’s completion and shown live on Govnet.” (20) This passage illustrates how corrupt the party is. There was no evidence, other than hearsay, that she was making calls to France she was still convicted and hanged shortly after trial. This all because the boy was connected to a high ranking Liberty party official. Another thing I noticed, although it seems minor, is that the execution was not only public, it was shown on government television. The U.S. frowned upon public executions in the Middle East, but yet when the Liberty party took over they not only use public execution but televised it for all to see. The reason they do this, in my opinion, is to scare people into complying with the government. Fear is a powerful tool that can be
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used to control someone or even a group of people. It also drives people to contour to things they normally wouldn’t. While the people of the U.R.A. live in fear of the government, the Liberty party rules as they please. Another thing the Liberty party put
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Coyote - John DeLisle ENG 335 Coyote Coyote is the first of...

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