Lesson Plan- 1 - DeLisle 1 John DeLisle CIMT 301 Lesson...

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John DeLisle CIMT 301 Lesson Plan #1 Keyboarding Grades 9-12 Time allotted: 70 minutes Background: The purpose of this lesson is, while focusing on the home row, students will learn to type with correct technique. Most students will have had a background in keyboards as it is a required course in the middle schools. This lesson is designed to be taught at the beginning of the course. Throughout the course, typing software will be used in which students can work at their own pace to complete the chapters before a given date. Sufficient class time will be given for students to complete the assigned chapters. Objectives: 1. When asked by the teacher, each learner will verbally indentify all of the characters on the home row of a standard keyboard with 100% accuracy. (BTL.1.1.1, Cognitive) 2. Each time the learner is asked to type, they will physically assume the correct typing posture at least 70% of the time. (BTL.1.1.1, Psychomotor) 3. Given a paragraph, the learner will type at 60% accuracy while demonstrating correct form. (BTL.1.1.1, Psychomotor, Cognitive) Materials: 1. Computer 2. Typing Software
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Lesson Plan- 1 - DeLisle 1 John DeLisle CIMT 301 Lesson...

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