Gender Discrimination

Gender Discrimination - of Flight Attendants (AFA). These...

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Absence of union protections continues to help explain why pay scales of women lag behind those of men. In 2000, only 13% of all working women were union members. Employers and unions have intentionally failed to notify women of openings, used questionable screening practices and age requirements, and mandated sponsors for entry in an effort to keep women out of the building and construction trades. Women comprise a majority of the members of the American Federsation of Teachers (AFT), the American Nurses Association (ANA), and the Association
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Unformatted text preview: of Flight Attendants (AFA). These are the only three national unions in which women currently hold leadership positions with decision-making power. Higher paying jobs can require haggling for higher pay. Women have been known to settle without communication for higher pay while men aren’t hesitant to argue for either a raise or their starting salary. has a huge database with case files of wage discrimination.
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