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John DeLisle Gender Discrimination Wage discrimination between males and females is prevalent in today’s society. This is clearly seen and agreed upon by many economists. The problem is, it may not all be due to gender discrimination. Actions by unions and the human capital model are potential reasons for the gender wage gap. According to, if you are a woman who graduated high school last school year you will earn $700,000 less during your lifetime than would a man standing next to you receiving his diploma. In the same situation just at the college level, you as a woman will lose $1.2 million compared to a man with equal qualifications. This lost income affects food you can’t provide at your dinner table, a car you can’t make payments on, or even money to that can’t be put into an IRA for your retirement. Wage discrimination happens; even between sexes. As a male do I feel more privileged? No, but that may be because I’m an education major. School corporations are predominately filled with female teachers. The St. Petersburg Times, a Tampa newspaper, reports that male teachers in elementary schools around the country only occupy only 21% of teaching positions. Since pay structures are set up through contracts and teachers unions, this doesn’t affect wages directly. In today’s society, men in general tend to be able to negotiate better than women. More male participation in a teachers union could lead to
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GenderDiscrimECON - John DeLisle Gender Discrimination Wage...

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