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20071206_Final Exam Study Guide 1 - CHM 1045 Final Exam...

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Study Guide 1 Posted December 6th, 2007 Instructor: MASUD MONWAR, Ph.D. 1. a. Write down the name of compounds from their formula or write down the formula of compounds from their names. Example: Give the name of the compound: N 2 O 5 Give the formula of the compound: Aluminum hydroxide b. Determine whether a compound is molecular or ionic. Example: Identify the given compounds as molecular or ionic: CO, NaCl, CH 4 Hints: Compounds having ions (cations from metal atoms and anions from non-metal atoms) are ionic compounds and compounds having non-metal atoms joined by covalent bonds are molecular/covalent compounds. c. Determine the water solubility of given compounds. Example: Determine solubility of the following compounds: NaCl, CuCO 3 , SO 2 , CH 4 Hints: Solubility of ionic compounds can be determined by using solubility chart given in your textbook. For molecular/covalent compounds, polar molecules and molecules which react with water are water soluble. In the above example, CH 4 is molecular compound but non-polar, so it is insoluble. SO 2 reacts with H 2 O and gives H 2 SO 3 . So it is soluble. 2. a. Balance chemical equations. b. Determine/identify the reactions as acid-base, precipitation, gas-forming and oxidation- reduction reaction. c. Write the net ionic equation for a given equation and balance it. d. Identify the spectator ions. e. From an oxidation-reduction reaction, identify the element reduced, element oxidized, oxidizing agent and reducing agent. 3. a. Give the electron configuration of the atoms/ions using ‘noble gas notation’/‘orbital box notation’. b. Identify which atoms/ ions are paramagnetic. c. Identify which ion is more stable.
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20071206_Final Exam Study Guide 1 - CHM 1045 Final Exam...

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