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salim_h_01 - No 9 Can I make up any exams or practicals No...

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Course Syllabus Questions 1/18/2011 1) Where is the instructor’s office located? T705 2) What are the instructor’s office hours? Mon 12:40-1:40pm Tues 12:40-1:40pm Wed 12:40-1:40pm Thurs 12:40-1:40pm 3) What is the instructor’s email address? [email protected] 4) What might happen if I am failing a class and do not officially withdraw? Get “F” for this course 5) What happens if I miss more than three classes? Lower a grade level 6) What will happen if I am caught cheating/plagiarizing? Get “F” for this course 7) When will the final be held? March 10, 2011
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8) If I miss the final can I make it up?
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Unformatted text preview: No 9) Can I make up any exams or practicals? No 10) What is the grading policy? A: 92 to 100; B: 85 to 91; C: 78 to 84; D: 70 to 77; F: less than 70 11) What is expected of me in regards to online activities, homework, and quizzes? It is used for Blackboard to do lists. 12) What happens if I turn my project in late? Deduct by points 13) What is the attendance policy and who is responsible for making sure that I am on the sign-in sheet? I must be show-up on time; also, I’m responsible for sign-in sheet each time as I show-up....
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