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Test 1 Study Guide Spring 08 - Test 1 Study Guide Lecture...

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Test 1 Study Guide Lecture * Republican Tradition- Four aspects/ relation between people and government Self – Government - power o Direct control o Rotation o Representation Community o Individual finds his moral end in the community o Dedication to the good of the whole o Common good Shared Values o Genuine Homogeneity of Inhabitants Religious beliefs Education Family habits Economic status Same life experiences o All combining to form an authentic sense of brother hood Virtue o MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT o Maintains stability o Love of self-sacrifice People at large – or some substantial portion of the citizens – holds in its own hands the reins of power and responsibility * Enlightenment Tradition – 3 points made Based on individual consent o Made for the benefit of individual o Individual pursues life w/in framework Implicit Limits on Virtue o Estate o Liberty o Life * Problems of constitutionalism (constitutional government) & self-government with justice/traditional weaknesses of democracies Constitutionalism/Constitutional Government o Protecting the people from the government o Why Government? Anarchy leads to chaos and the worse the chaos, the more government looks like a good thing No control scares people o Why not Absolute? Constitution Abuse power Government has own anarchy
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Tyranny o Government is a necessary evil Too much power – oppression Too little power – not effective enough to serve intended purpose Balance needs to be stricken o Ongoing debate since colonists and Founding Fathers People feared government Needed to be effective if going to exist Self Government With Justice o Seen as failure by world throughout history Doesn’t promote common good Failure until about 200 – 250 years ago Self – government ≠ just government o Madison said “horror and disgust to describe democracy(republican government)” o 3 Traditional Weaknesses A tendency on part of majority to oppress and exploit the minority Unjust laws Laws didn’t advance the common good Fragmentation Society splinters into different interests Petty and vicious competition No pursuit of justice or the common good – pursuit of self-interest or class-interest Instability – two ways Short Life o o Difficult to hold people together under these conditions No Long Term Planning o Difficult to plan for future o Live issue to issue o Combining self – government with good government – need to get rid of the weaknesses that historically plague republics o Protecting the people from themselves o Experiment Building a new and better type of republican government Prove that self-government and just government could be the same Failure would be bad for America and bad for the principle of self - government
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Test 1 Study Guide Spring 08 - Test 1 Study Guide Lecture...

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