Abortion notes for exam

Abortion notes for exam - Beisel and Kay "Abortion,...

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Beisel and Kay “Abortion, Race and Gender in 19 th Century America” current “historiography concludes that 19 th century abortion politics concerned control of women's bodies and the meaning of motherhood in defining women's social place”. Physicians arguments: suggested that abortion politics in the mid-19 th century were part of an “Anglo-Saxon racial project” people getting abortions were middle class white married women. This threatened the Anglo-Saxon race. Argued that people are ignorant, and killing children Women are selfish, greedy, and vain and think of themselves and not their child. The effect of Anglo-Saxon women having abortions would lead to immigrant families taking over the country. –especially the Irish Irish women never aborted b/c of their catholic beliefs However, it is theorized that the real reason behind all of this is to drive midwives out of business. Suffragists argument: women aborted because they lacked political rights were against abortion, in favor of “voluntary motherhood” blamed “women's degradation at the hands of men” women aborted b/c husbands controlled the bodies of women
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Abortion notes for exam - Beisel and Kay "Abortion,...

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