07 - Gender and Society Notes - Abortion 30/10/2007...

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Unformatted text preview: Gender and Society Notes - Abortion 30/10/2007 16:28:00 How does the State influence the context of how people reproduce? The State the government or the organization that hold legitimate force over territory o most important conflict btw federal state and local and state governments in recent history was civil rights movement o Roe v. Wade -> womens rights in abortion across the USA 3 topics: o 1. Situation where the State has interest in reproduction o 2. Prohibition drinking habits dangerous to society and native Americans. Saw immigrants as a threat. Used to increase power of one group over another group. o 3. Situation where the State is viewing and separating social groups. Social cost of a child. State policies partly determine how much it costs to raise a child. State has an interest in protecting its boundaries. Enough young men to support army? State wants to insure its fiscal soundness State wants to insure law and order within its bounds. Policy makers construct their laws through some kind of ideology or beliefs. o Presumptions about gender i.e. Davin British Imperialism analysis on how British government increased the amount people having children. The army went to war and only 2 of 5 young men were strong enough to fight....
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07 - Gender and Society Notes - Abortion 30/10/2007...

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