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SOCL 2505 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE CHAPTER 12 Families and Work Gender labeling- regarding jobs as most appropriate for one sex or another. Gender segregation- most workers being in jobs where most co-workers are of the same sex. Feminization of property- families headed by women are more likely to live at or near the poverty line. Structural buffer- factors that dampen the impact of some roles on others. Assymetrical permeable boundaries- buffers between roles in the work-family role system. Sex segregation- tasks are labeled as more appropriate for men or women. Blue collar couples- one or both blue collar Two person career- man employed, woman expected to support and participate.
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Unformatted text preview: Dual career couples-both spouses have professional jobs. Single parent providers-one parent home, supports household. Second shift-women’s job at home after work ends. Executive function-women have ultimate responsibility for home and children. Flex time-no rigid starting or stopping times as long as core hours are satisfied. Job sharing-two workers split a full time job Four day work week-fitting 40 hours in 4 days to have fifth day off. Family and Medical Leave Act-require employers to provide up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave and job protection after a pregnancy or family emergency....
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