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Writing Skills Assignment 1 (Laura Margolis)

Writing Skills Assignment 1 (Laura Margolis) - architecture...

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Writing Skills Assignment 1 HUM 2510 When analyzing the essays, The Center of the Universe: Concepts and Context in the Architecture of the Koreshan Community and Function, Construction, and Context in the Westport Country Club Clubhouse it has become evident that the essay concerning the Koreshan Community is the better of the two. In this essay, the writer goes into great detail about the Koreshan settlement. The introduction in the essay about the Koreshans is extremely strong. The author gives us great background information about how the settlement was founded, which helps to lead us into the essay. Also, through out the second paragraph, the writer uses excellent terminology and goes on to explain circularity and spatial positioning. This technique is strong in a paper because using this kind of language helps the reader to ultimately learn and understand the concepts of the Koreshan life. The author also gives us detail about the context of the work, along with the function and form of the
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Unformatted text preview: architecture that is involved. In the essay concerning the Westport Country Club Clubhouse, the author is very brief. The thesis statement, although is straightforward, could be stronger. In the fifth paragraph, the author speaks about the function on the Clubhouse; however he doesn’t use other concepts to support his position. It is evident that The Center of the Universe: Concepts and Context in the Architecture of the Koreshan Community is the “A” paper. The way the writer structures the paper is excellent. The transitioning from one paragraph to the next is outstanding. The author’s thesis leads the readers into the paper and each paragraph takes us into the life of the Koreshans. Also, the terminology being used helps us to learn about the way in which the architect put the community together. Therefore, it has become apparent, that the writer of the paper concerning the Koreshan Community deserves the “A”....
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