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MGT3150 Principles of Management Fall 2007 Exam #2 Sample Questions Questions Related to Organizational Design 1) (True/ False ). In more centralized organizations employees at all levels of the organization are involved in the decision-making process. 2) (True/ False) . An organic organization is one that is highly structured, has many layers and levels of management and a narrow span of control. 3) ( True /False). The strength of the functional structure lies in the advantages that accrue from work specialization. 4) (True/ False ). The principle of specialization maintains that no person in an organization should report to or be supervised by anyone else other than one’s boss. 5) (True/ False) . Departmentalization by product is defined as the grouping of activities by the functions performed in an organization. 6) Three basic approaches to departmentalization are by: a) formalization, decentralization, and centralization b) function, division, and matrix c) geography, customer, and product d) authority, accountability, and responsibility 7) A construction supervisor site who sees an impending thunderstorm, tells workers to go home, and secures the site is demonstrating 8) _________ involves the delegation of decision-making and authority to lower levels in the organization. In Answering the Next 5 Questions Consider the Following Scenario.
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