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Video - The Left in Canada

Video - The Left in Canada - Video Imperfect Union(the Left...

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Video: Imperfect Union (the Left in Canada) - Part 4: new party, old problems - 1962 – Tommy Douglas was leader of NDP, this was a joint between the CCF and the Canadian Labour Congress - Tommy Douglas was formerly premier of Saskatchewan, the first socialist government in North America - He introduced Medicare - Most Saskatchewan doctors opposed Medicare and protested, threatening to leave the province if they introduced Medicare - NDP was crushed in Saskatchewan in 1962, but they won more seats in other provinces - 1963, David Lewis lost the seat he had just won - The NDP failed to make a dramatic breakthrough - Sometimes unions were prohibited from supporting the NDP - Many unions had been expelled from the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) for various reasons – they were run by thugs, communists, etc. - The NDP became the ally of labour - The party also did not have a lot of money - The Liberals and Conservatives had much more money - The NDP made little progress - The party had almost no support in Quebec - The NDP highest share of the vote in Quebec was 12% in 1965 - That was when the Liberals were getting strong in Quebec with the likes of Pierre Trudeau -
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