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Critical Analysis Paper - Music is defined as, "the art of...

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Music is defined as, “the art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre” ( ). While this is an in depth definition to something that is very difficult to define, it does not reveal the controversy involved in this business. Controversy in the music scene is everywhere, but where the real dilemma seems to be is contemporary Christian music (or CCM). There does not seem to be much middle ground. People either love it or hate it. Arguments for both sides are rational, but it really seems to come down to personal preference and conviction. Music can be directly related to a person’s convictions and religious experiences and because of this it can divide Christians into two groups, those who sing hymns (more traditional Christians) and those who sing more contemporary worship songs(more contemporary Christians.) These hymns can be described as the music that has come from the Reformation tradition. On the other hand the contemporary worship songs are newer songs that are more popular among American Evangelical churches (In Unison). If both of these forms of music worship God than where is the problem? The problem lies in the sincerity of the music itself. Some of the contemporary Christian music lyrics contain deep religious feeling, but others (the ones that give CCM a bad name) contain nothing other than clichés (Hogan). The latter form of CCM consists usually of people who have been awestruck by their fame and lose their bearings on what is important to them and begin doing what sells records rather than being a positive role models for their listeners. Selling out happens in every genre of music, but shouldn’t Christians know better? It seems as though they should, but it is not always the case. Not all CCM stars are compromising their beliefs to sell records though. Success can also come when you 1
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present your beliefs in their entirety. Yes, some CCM stars end up very successful and reap the rewards of stardom, but not all of them take advantage of their success and live in a multi-million dollar homes. Some simply use the money they need to survive and share the money with people who are need of help (Hogan). Another part of the problem with contemporary Christian music maybe that
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Critical Analysis Paper - Music is defined as, "the art of...

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