Biol 261 Exam 2 2007 w ans

Biol 261 Exam 2 2007 w ans - Biol/ANNB 261 Exam 2 Fall 2007...

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Biol/ANNB 261 Exam 2 Fall, 2007 Key * = best answer 1. A neuron ensures that the amount of catecholamine neurotransmitter synthesized is sufficient, but not too large, through the use of a) Anterograde transport b) Retrograde transport c) End-product inhibition * d) Enzymatic degeneration e) A small thermonuclear reaction 2. A cell that uses norepinephrine as a neurotransmitter, also contains a) epinephrine b) dopamine * c) vagusstoff d) serotonin e) phentoalamine N-methyltransferase (PNMT) 3. The length constant is an index of how far depolarization can spread down a dendrite. Increasing the length constant could be accomplished by a) Increasing the diameter of the dendrite * b) Increasing the internal resistance c) Increasing the number of open K + channels in the dendritic membrane d) Increasing the number of voltage-activated Cl - channels e) Both a and c are correct 4. You are studying the nervous system of a new cockroach species. You find a nice looking yellow neuron which releases dopamine into the synaptic cleft. You decide to examine the cell for the precursor for dopamine. Which of the following do you expect will be present in your yellow neuron? a) tyrosine hydroxylase in the soma but not in the terminal b) tyrosine hydroxylase in their axon terminal * c) dopamine β-hydroxylase in the terminal d) trypophan hydroxylase e) 5-hydroxytryptamine 5. Which of the following acts as a second messenger in the cascade initiated by norepinephrine β receptors? a) Adenylyl cyclase b) cAMP * c) Protein kinase A d) GTP e) DAG 6. What must be done to terminate G-protein-coupled receptor-mediated signaling? a) Neurotransmitter must be removed from the synaptic cleft b) G-proteins must be inactivated, and second messengers must be degraded c) Proteins must be dephosphorylated d) Neurotransmitter must be removed from the receptor binding site e) All of the above *
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7. You are dispensing drugs at a pharmacy. A new drug is described as a potent inhibitor of the choline transporter. Stimulating a synapse with ACh-gated ion channels in the presence of the new drug will cause a _____ concentration of ACh in the synapse, with the initial effect of increasing the amount of _____ passing through the postsynaptic membrane. a) Greater; Na + * (best answer) b) Greater; K + c) Lesser; Na + d) Lesser; K + e) Lesser, Ca 2+ Question 7 could have multiple answers depending upon how far you went with the effects of the choline transport system. 8. NMDA receptors typically show a reversal potential that is around 0 mV. This is because a) The channel is permeable to both Na + and K + * b) Mg 2+ is present and blocks the channel c) It is most selective for Ca 2+ with an E Ca = 0 d) It requires the presence of a second glutamate ion e) An esterase is present to change the ion flow 9. Preganglionic fibers in the sympathetic nervous system use _____ for a neurotransmitter. a)
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Biol 261 Exam 2 2007 w ans - Biol/ANNB 261 Exam 2 Fall 2007...

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