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4.16 KINES126 - b how you are going to lock it up c safety...

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KINES126.1 Friday, April 16, 1999 Announcements: The review sheet for exam two will be given out on Monday. Lecture Notes: CONSUMER HEALTH EDUCATION Children as consumers Target Products for children 1. Cereal Found at kids' eye level in stores. Cereals targeted to children are high in sugar. When choosing a cereal: a. look at sugar, salt, fat content b. Have students calculate cost per ounce of brand name versus off brand name. 2. Bikes Currently most popular type of bike: mountain bike. Two kinds of bikes: a. open frame-girls bikes-considered most "safe" b. closed frame-boys bikes-more durable When you choose a bike you must consider: a. brand name
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Unformatted text preview: b. how you are going to lock it up c. safety equipment--knee pads, helmet d. community laws regarding bike safety 3. Antiperspirants and deodorants • Body odor is the action of bacteria growing on secretions that come from glands (arms, nipples, genital areas). These secretions are called eccrine and appocrine, which become active during puberty. • Ways to address body odor: a. soap and water b. antiperspirants- interfere with excretion of sweat. Sweating is a necessary byproduct of waste products. It is classified as a drug because it changes a bodily function. c. deodorant: masks an odor, like perfume...
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4.16 KINES126 - b how you are going to lock it up c safety...

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