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CHEMISTRY 131 Quiz #6 Monday, March 13, 2006 Name: __________Key________________________ For the molecules below, give the following information. For partial credit, work must be shown. a) Clearly draw the most likely Lewis structure; (2 points each ) b) Clearly indicate the oxidation states of each atom; (1 point each) c) Clearly draw the 3D structure, including wedges and dashed lines where necessary, using VSEPR theory. (2 points each ) SCl 2 Br 2 XeO 2 oxidation states: S: +4 Cl: -1 Br: -1 oxidation states: Xe: +4 O: -2 S: 2Cl: 2Br: 6 e 14 e
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Unformatted text preview: 1 4 e 34 e 8 e 26 e 2 4 e 2 e 2 e Cl S Cl Br Br most likely Lewis structure; lowest formal charges, minimum of an octet on each atom AB 4 e; use AB 5 to draw Cl S Cl Br Br Cl S Cl Br Br Cl is axial b/c it is less electronegative than Br; lone pair is equatorial see-saw Xe: 2O: 8 e 1 2 e 20 e 4 e 16 e 1 2 e 4 e 4 e Xe O O minimize formal charges-1-1 +2 O Xe O most likely Lewis structure AB 2 e 2 ; use AB 4 to draw O Xe O remove lone pairs, rearrange Xe O O bent...
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