4.14 KINES126

4.14 KINES126 - Do not share your grooming aids with others...

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KINES126.1 Wednesday, April 14, 1999 Announcements: Lecture Notes: CONSUMER HEALTH EDUCATION Rules for Reducing Problems with OTC drugs continued. .. Be aware of what you are taking. Know the effects (both positive and negative). Read and heed warnings If you are taking prescription medications, be aware of the interactions. If you have any questions about an OTC drug that is not addressed on the label, call your local pharmacist. Have a pharmacist come into your classroom to talk about safe use of OTC drugs. If you don't need it-don't use it! Evaluation of Questionable Health Products continued. .. Grooming Aids e.g. toothpaste, soap, hairspray, lotion, etc. Advertisers tell you: "if you use the product, you will become popular" "if you use this product, you will be sexy" "if you use this product, you will look good" Teach students that they are unique. Four things to remember when using grooming aids Read the directions.
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Unformatted text preview: Do not share your grooming aids with others. Don't get saliva on your grooming aids. Replace cosmetics every 3 to 6 months. Concepts that we should teach students relating to consumer health • Health products and services should be used only when needed. • Not all products and services are worthwhile or necessary. • Advertising seeks to persuade rather than to inform. • Many advertising claims are misleading or inflated. • Labels on all health care products should be read carefully and the directions should be followed closely. • There are many ways to spot quack products and services (e.g. "miracle cure"). • Many government and private agencies work to protect consumers. • The best way to make wise decisions is to become informed about the facts regarding products and services. • Making wise consumer decisions is ultimately a personal responsibility....
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4.14 KINES126 - Do not share your grooming aids with others...

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