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Information about Exam 1 and reading to prepare for the exam: Exam 1 will cover Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 14, concepts, examples, and activities included in lectures. The best way to study is to answer the questions included at the end of each chapter, go over your notes from lecture and think about how the lecture topics relate to things covered in the book, and make sure you understand the points made in lecture that are not covered by the book. Lecture notes are posted on WebCT. The exam also will include questions that ask you to apply what you have learned about measurement to understanding a journal article that reports the assessment of the reliability and validity of a measure of racial attitudes (Saucier & Miller, 2003). This article is in a PDF file on WebCT in the folder labeled Exam 1 Info and article . The pages of the article on which you will be questioned are
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Unformatted text preview: pages 2 (beginning in the second column with Procedure ) to page 7 (first column only plus Figure 1) of the PDF file (pages 1305-1310 in the journal pagination). These pages describe Experiments 1 – 7. The exam will include some excerpts from the 5 journal pages described above, and you will be asked questions that test your understanding of how the reliability and validity of the measure was assessed. You may not bring a copy of the article to the exam. Do not be alarmed if you don’t understand everything. The goal is to see if you can apply what you learned about the development and evaluation of measures to understanding a journal article. You will have the best chance of understanding the excerpts from the article if you read it and study it prior to coming to the exam....
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