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Fullmore v. Klutznick (1980) Public Works Employment Act of 1977 For State Public Works projects; 10% of goods, services from minority-owned business 6-3 vote upheld legislation 5 different opinions, no opinion received more than 3 votes Richmond v. J.A. Croson Co. (1989) City of Richmond, Va (not Federal) City’s prime contractors required to subcontract 30% of dollar amount of contracts to minority businesses. Population: 50% black; between 1978-1983, .678% of contract business went to minority business. 6-3 decision struck down the city program. O’Conner: city must first establish that there’s a need for remedial action Metro Broadcasting, Inc. v. FCC (1990) FCC Regulation Gave preferential treatment to granting minority-owned stations licenses 5-4 decision to uphold Program served important government objective of broadcast diversity; \fed government given more
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Unformatted text preview: leeway than states Adarand Constructors, Inc. v. Pena (1995) Federal highway contracts A bonus to the prime contractor if 10% of contract amount is subcontracted to minority-owned and operated business District, appeals court upheld program 5-4 decision struck down the legislation O’Connor: skepticism, consistency, and congruence Denver, Co City policy required white construction firms to explain subcontracting reasons Court decline to hear a challenge to this Scalia and Rehnquist objected School Admissions Affirmative action Legacy admissions Texas A&M – 312 white students who would not have been admitted had they not received extra points for parents having been alumni Harvard, Yales, etc. - 10% of students are Legacy admits...
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