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BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGY The concept identifies how the company is going to be unique than its rivals. Here the Adidas follows broad differentiation strategy. It innovates its products and provides customers the unique product and they cater all segments, i.e., not only focus on particular segment. Hence, the strategy followed by adidas is broad differentiation. The company offers products having important and unique features to the customers and distinct from competitors which allow premium pricing of the product. The company’s main strategic focus is to create more sustainable products and technological innovation. Example: It started producing shoes using the Parley Ocean Plastic. Adidas designs the product based on customer feedback, observed changes in tastes and preferences among consumers and emerging trends in market. The company focusses on innovation, production of new and unique products and effective processes as a part of this strategy the company has developed multiple brands and also taken over Reebok brands thus giving it competitive advantage especially in its main market this multi brand approach will help not only in the development of diverse brand portfolio but also allows Adidas to cater for all the segments of the market. Adidas also
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