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departments within Adidas. All these analytics could potentially lead to more satisfied customers, help increase revenue, and cut down costs. Human Resource:Brands are investing in their HR more than ever to gain a competitive advantage because skilled and professional employees can be a source of sustainable competitive advantage. It is why at Adidas the focus is on creating a culture of employee collaboration that puts employees’ growth and career management at the centre. Apart from programs for career development, it is focusing on creating an environment that successfully engages the employees and can retain them for longer. Adidas believes that its people make a significant contribution to its productivity. Their performance has a significant impact on brand equity, consumer satisfaction and financial performance. The People Strategy it has formulated for better management of its human resources has four pillars – attraction and retention of right talent, role model leadership, diversity and inclusion and the creation of a unique corporate culture. However, its people strategy is also an integral part of its
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