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Adidas strategy and objective to grow is “Be the first fast sports company in the sporting goods industry”. The company is digitalizing its entire supply chain from design to distribution to achieve this goal. Adidas speed factory, this is the first shoe manufacturing plant controlled mainly by robots. The company has a customer centric strategy. In today’s connected world, it’s essential for brands to think consumer first. So, it all starts with digital at adidas. It installed the speed factories and adopted technology in supply chain to drastically shorten the time to market and to increase the flexibility to the production of customized sport goods. Supply chain digitalization is a widespread trend and has enabled adidas to transform into fast fashion. Adidas has also invested on the data analytics to decrease the design time while increasing the accuracy. In the short run, adidas is leveraging this as one of the ways to prototype rapidly. Their old factories take 60 to 90 days to produce the shoe, but the speed factory allows adidas to turn raw materials into shoe in a single day.
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