paper 2 - English 101 Paper #2 April 19, 2008 Option C The...

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English 101 Paper #2 May 11, 2009 Option C The Perfect Night The house was air-conditioned to a cool 76 degrees. Outside it was 92 degrees, with a humidity of 90 percent. No one wanted to be outside in that kind of weather. Tonight, however, was supposed to cool down drastically. That night was supposed to cool to a comfortable 77degrees. Garret was extremely happy about this, for he was talking all week about this night and how it had to be perfect. This was because Crystal was coming over. Crystal was Garrets really good friend, and she came over plenty of times. So at first, I found it strange that not only was Garret telling his dog, me, about how perfect this night had to be, but also why this night had to be perfect. Garret and Crystal have known each other since they were old enough to crawl. They would play in the sand, eat lunch, go to the park, and anything else you can think of, they did together. So, I could not understand why in the world tonight had to be perfect. Crystal was planned to arrive at four o’clock. Garret was scrambling to get everything to be as perfect as it could be. He was wearing his favorite pair of jean shorts that were faded and had a rip near the right pocket. He thought he looked pretty good with his blue Abercrombie shirt and Hollister necklace. He had the preppy look going, and he only owned brand name clothes. He continued tell me how nervous he was that Crystal would think that he looked too plain, which was funny because I knew that Crystal thought Garret was very good looking all the time. As he was fixing up his
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golden brown hair, he checked the time and you could see the sweat beads forming on his forehead. Man, was he nervous! I haven’t seen him this bad since he opened up a letter from the Marquette University, the college that he desperately needed to get into since he didn’t apply to any other college. As he was beginning to sweat, he started to go through what he was going to say to Crystal tonight. He was looking at me for support, so I sat at his side. I’m not sure what else I was supposed to do, considering that I can’t talk. Garret must have rehearsed
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paper 2 - English 101 Paper #2 April 19, 2008 Option C The...

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