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Crystal Palushik-Kandt May 13, 2009 Interview Social Work Interview I interviewed the social worker at my high school. Her name is Christina Gingle. She works at Preble High School in Green Bay. She helps and educates the students she sees. (She was unsure of the mission statement) The services that she provides include individual contact, classroom presentations, and AODA groups. She tries to identify barriers with academic success when she meets with her clients. She sees many different students. Some of the characteristics of the students include low self-esteem, interpersonal conflicts, and low social/economic status. All of these are the general characteristics that she sees. She mainly sees students, but she could also see family members and faculty members that have a problem with the student. Christina normally sees about six to seven students a day. A normal week averages around thirty- five. The number of students she sees depends on numerous things, including meetings and unexpected clients and problems
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that may occur. Most of the students that she works with have the same social problems that she treats. All of the social problems are something that may interfere with the student’s attendance and school performance. They include, but are not limited to, suicide, depression, and financial issues. Many of the students also may have problems that reside in the home that interfere with school. Funding comes from the state. However, she said that they can bill for medical assistance. They do not really take data, but they are currently trying to work towards collecting data. They all agreed that the goal is to improve grades and attendance.
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