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Abnormal Psychology Book Notes

Abnormal Psychology Book Notes - Abnormal Psychology Book...

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Abnormal Psychology Book Notes January 18, 2007 Chapter 1: Abnormal Behavior P. 8 - Abnormal psychology is the scientific study whose objectives are to describe, explain, predict, and control behaviors that are considered strange or unusual - psychodiagnosis – an attempt to describe, assess, and systematically draw inferences about an individual’s psychological disorder - diagnosis that is not developed with great care can end up as nothing more that a label that tends to hinder rather than aid treatment - label may 1)describe something other than a client’s specific behaviors and 2) may describe only a current condition rather than a past or changing circumstance -> person’s psychological problems likely change over time -> a previous diagnosis can quickly become obsolete -to explain abnormal behavior, psychologist must identify its causes and determine how they led to the described behavior - to identify the source of a client’s difficulty, a therapist should be able to predict the kinds of problems the client will face during therapy and the symptoms the client will display - mental health professionals do not operate in a therapeutic bubble apart from the greater good of society mental health laws have codes of conduct that place limits on confidentiality and
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